It's official! Rip the Angels from Heaven, the sequel to The Dead Don't Bleed, released July 3, 2018. 

Intelligence officer Ellis Voigt fights to prevent the Soviets from infiltrating the Manhattan Project while running from enemies on both sides, in the thrilling sequel to The Dead Don’t Bleed.

Desperate to keep the secrets that threaten his life, Lieutenant Ellis Voigt of the Office of Naval Intelligence can’t escape a web of double-agents and undercover spies who follow his every move. The FBI suspects he's the communist who murdered a Naval officer in a Washington back alley. The Soviets believe he’s holding back information from their contacts, and they’re willing to use any means necessary to extract it.

When Voigt is dispatched to New Mexico on a secret mission to identify a Soviet spy, he's tailed by both the FBI and the Russians, and he's running out of people he can trust. As the team at Los Alamos prepares to test an atomic bomb in the desert, Voigt faces the dilemma he’d been trying to avoid: he can stop the Soviets from getting the bomb or he can save himself―but he might not be able to do both.

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Krugler "is terrific at period details and atmosphere, and makes a complicated plot tick — and go off"--Chicago Tribune

"David Krugler is a strong new voice in historical spy fiction"--Nudge-book

"Krugler . . . uses his knowledge and his storytelling skills to create a fully plausible, frightening, fast-paced thriller. And in Voigt, he develops a complex character capable of eliciting the reader’s commendation and condemnation. Addictive and affecting, Rip the Angels from Heaven shatters the nerves, engages the mind and satisfies the heart"--Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star

"Krugler is on the mark in sketching wartime Washington and the look and feel of the Manhattan Project"--Booklist


"A superior second thriller . . . Krugler’s further exploration of his lead’s moral ambiguity enhances a captivating story line that will appeal to fans of Joseph Kanon"-- starred review, Publishers Weekly


"Rip the Angels from Heaven is a hard-boiled delight, from its chain- smoking hero to its wartime lingo. Author David Krugler . . . has created a rich, sultry world of bureaucratic crime. His protagonist is tough and canny, with a criminal streak that makes his character irresistible"--Foreword Reviews

"The snappy, authentic-sounding 1940s dialogue, an appealing American everyman, and a cast of characters of which none seem trustworthy give Rip the Angels from Heaven a breakneck pace that never lets up. It doesn’t hurt that the plot has a ripped-from-the-headlines effect; there’s a thin line between fact and fiction, and David Krugler straddles it masterfully"--Criminal Element

"A fast-paced, complex spy thriller"--Historical Novel Society

"The WW2 spy genre is a tough group to muscle into, yet Rip The Angels From Heaven does a praiseworthy job as a unique take on the espionage activities late in the war" -- Paul's Picks

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In June 2016, Pegasus Books released David's novel THE DEAD DON'T BLEED, the first book in a series of World War II spy thrillers featuring Lieutenant Ellis Voigt of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Publishers Weekly lauds THE DEAD DON'T BLEED as a "triumphant fiction debut" in a starred review, Booklist praises the "thoroughly absorbing" depiction of wartime Washington, and Vick Mickunas of The Dayton Daily News calls it "a thrill-packed ride with a truly stunning ending" (review). Please see the Events page for announcements about public appearances or the Press page for more reviews! 

About The Dead Don't Bleed . . .

Washington D.C., 1945. Victory in the war looms, but a new fear transfixes the wartime capital: Fear of communist spies and the atomic secrets they covet. When the corpse of a Navy intelligence officer is found on a cobblestone back alley, Lt. Voigt is called in to investigate. It’s his first murder, but in the plot that he quickly begins unraveling, it won’t be his last. Pursuing crosses and double-crosses, Voigt goes undercover and the fragments he discovers (a defecting German physicist, a top secret lab in New Mexico, and Uranium-235) suggest something far larger than the usual wartime espionage. Soon enough he’s in a race to identify the killer, to keep the bomb away from the Russians—and to keep ahead of his own secrets.

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