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1919, THE YEAR OF RACIAL VIOLENCE: 1919 was the worst year for racial violence in the United States. How did African Americans fight back when mobs attacked them? Krugler's 2014 book takes up this question: 1919, The Year of Racial Violence. The year 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of 1919’s racial conflict; for links to interviews and events Krugler is taking part in to remember and explain this history, please see the Events and Press pages (above).

THIS IS ONLY A TEST: Ever wonder how ready the nation's capital was for the "nuclear option" at the height of the Cold War? Published in 2006, this book provides a not-so-encouraging answer: This Is Only a Test

THE VOICE OF AMERICA: Crippling partisanship is not new to American politics, as explained in Krugler's first book (published in 2000), which uses the U.S. government's premiere propaganda agency as a case study: Voice of America